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Cowboy Couture

Think cowboys wear the same boots day after day, year after year? Think again! The National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University presents “Cowboy Couture,” a look at the apparel and accessories that give cowboys their special swagger. Hats, chaps, boots and other must-haves are on display, along with a video compilation of old photos that capture the evolution of cowboy dress. Afterwards, head outdoors to explore the magnificently restored buildings that trace the history of ranching life in West Texas. Wrap up your tour with a look at the 180 or so vintage and antique firearms and accessories that make up the Tandy Firearm Collection. Whether you’re a frequent guest of our Lubbock downtown hotel or falling in love with the Hub City for the first time, a visit to this free museum and historical park is sure to spur on your inner cowboy (or girl).

Address: 3121 Fourth Street